The Open Retail Initiative

Discover how open, accessible solutions​ are accelerating retail innovation and industry collaboration.

Key Takeaways:

  • The latest retail technologies enable data-driven experiences and unlock new business value. However, interoperability challenges can make it difficult for retailers to deploy new systems.

  • The Open Retail Initiative (ORI) and Open Retail Reference Architecture (ORRA) collaborations enable retailers, SIs, ISVs, OEMs/ODMs, and solution aggregators to accelerate retail innovation within a common, open framework.

  • Intel edge technologies power use cases and reference implementations for real-world retail applications.



What Is ORI?

  • The Open Retail Initiative (ORI) is a broad ecosystem of retailers, SIs, ISVs, OEMs/ODMs, and solution aggregators that are driving the future of retail.
  • The goal of ORI is to enable open, accessible solutions that accelerate iteration, flexibility, and innovation at scale – from the edge to the cloud.

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“Having collaboration between leading industry vendors enables retailers to minimize up-front investment time, reduces interoperability issues, and, ultimately, allows innovation to happen at an accelerated pace.”
—Tom Canning, VP of Global Sales, IoT, and Devices, Canonical

How Does ORI Drive Retail Innovation?

  • ORI promotes a common, open framework that enables an ecosystem of interchangeable components
  • Open Retail Reference Architecture (ORRA) provides the framework for a collaborative foundation for digital transformation and value-added innovation
  • ORRA is a retail-focused EdgeX Foundry project within the LF Edge initiative that provides a common deployment platform for edge-based solutions and devices

“Open standards and industry collaboration will create a seamless environment that allows us to embed intelligence and analytics at the edge. This will open the door for IoT devices to respond in real time, whether in store, during shipping, or in the warehouse.”
—Dan Mitchell, director of Global Retail and CPG, SAS